Thursday, January 5, 2012

The ups and downs of being single at the holidays

Pro: No stressing about buying a meaningful gift for a significant other
Con: Not getting a meaningful gift from a significant other
Pro: Not being disappointed when a significant other does not get you a meaningful gift

Con: Not having a partner to get through your work holiday partner
Pro: Not having to go to your boyfriend's awful work party

Pro: Getting to go wherever you want for the holidays without having to decide/compromise with someone else
Con: Being given the worst sleeping situation (ie: couch/floor) at relative's houses because the married couples get all the spare bedrooms

Con: Relatives asking you repeatedly at family get-togethers about when you are going to "settle down"
Pro: Reveling inthe moment when that family member gets into a tiff with their significant other at the Christmas dinner table

Pro: Enjoying the holiday on your own terms! Eat that cookie, go to Maui, skip an awful sweater party, watch the Muppets Christmas Carol ten what you want with your amazing single life!

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