Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3rd wheel? 5th wheel? 7th wheel? argh!!!!

Last night I went out to dinner with a friend, who also happens to be unattached, and part of our convo related to the pros and cons of being single. Overall, I think we are pretty well-adjusted examples of living single and enjoying life, but one thing we agreed on disliking is situations where we are the only singles amongst a group of couples. Being the odd one out is just awkward and not fun, no matter how great and un-coupley the relationshippers are. 

It's strange - I can be having an awesome day, cooking my crazy vegetarian food at home, going for a run by the beach, calling my mom to chat forever about recipes, singing in my house at the top of my lungs, watching reality shows no boyfriend would ever watch with me - really enjoying the single life, and then I'll go to a party full of  couples and all the sudden doubt that my life has as much meaning and purpose. Where does that thought come from???? Well, maybe it's all the "We just love that band", "Isn't life so busy right now, my husband's in grad school so WE are just overwhelmed", "I wanted to meet up with you the other day, but WE just had to do laundry that night".  Come on! Are you an individual at all anymore?????

I am blessed with a large friend group with a mixture of singles and couples, and as long as the event I'm going to has at least a few singles going, I'll attend, but if I'm the only one, no way! I'd much prefer going to a restaurant on my own and taking a good book - far more entertaining than being the 5th wheel at a dinner party!!!

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