Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Living the life!!!

I have an amazing life.   I live exactly where I want to, in beautiful, sunny San Diego.  I'm 31 and in good health.  I enjoy much of my job as an art history teacher (besides the grading).  I have a fantastic relationship with my parents, and lots and lots of friends. I have a vibrant spiritual life that keeps me grounded. And , believe it or not, I am happy despite having been single for over six years.

Yup, I often hear "How are you still single?" and "Don't worry, the right guy is out there - you'll find him one day" and get those sympathetic looks when they find out I'm not dating anyone.  Those reactions used to bug me, but to be perfectly honest, now I just find them amusing.  There are good and bad things about everybody's situation. Sure, my married friends cite companionship, stability and their burgeoning families as the benefits of being in relationships, but for me, I think freedom, personal control, and having a mulititude of important friendships are valid counterarguments if we are keeping a tally (which I don't recommend).  For me, I've moved beyond trying to figure out which is better, being single or in a relationship, and I'm focusing on the positives of the life I have!

So, my blog is going to focus on things to life up those of us in that singles category - create a community, share stories, encourage each other, etc.  Whether you are just needing some happy thoughts as you transition out of a relationship, or have been solidly single for some time, join me as we ride together in the single lane!!!

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